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Tips for Eco-Friendly Furniture Shopping

23 May 2024
3 mins

Are you thinking of getting rid of old furniture and sprucing up your living space? Before making a new purchase, here are a few ways you can make conscious choices so that style and sustainability go hand in hand! 


1. Buy Second Hand Furniture


Shop for gently used furniture at thrift stores, online second-hand furniture shops, or garage sales. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also adds a unique touch to your home decor.


2. Choose Sustainable Materials


Opt for furniture made from sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, or recycled metal. These materials have a lower environmental impact compared to mainstream options from fast furniture stores.


3. Look for Certifications


When shopping for furniture, keep an eye out for certifications such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or GREENGUARD, which ensure that the products meet certain environmental and health standards.


4. Support Local Furniture Makers 


Consider buying from local artisans and craftsmen who create handmade furniture using sustainable practices. Not only are you supporting small businesses, but you're also reducing the carbon footprint of your furniture.  


5. Multi-Functional Pieces


Opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as a storage ottoman or a sofa bed. This not only maximizes space in your home but also reduces the need for additional furniture.


6. Refurbishing and Upcycling


Put your creative hat on and consider upcycling old furniture or do DIY! Painting an aging closet, reupholstering a chair, or repurposing old shelves can breathe new life into existing pieces and save them from ending up in a landfill.


7. Buy Quality


Invest in well-made, high-quality furniture that will last. By choosing durable pieces, you reduce the need for frequent replacements, reducing demand for new furniture.


8. Dispose Responsibly


When you want to get rid of old furniture, use sustainable disposal options. Donate usable furniture to local charities, sell or give away items online, or look for furniture recycling programs in your community. Use Barnything to help you channel your unwanted furniture responsibly, through our pick-up and repair service. For a fee, we’ll help make sure your stuff doesn’t end up in a landfill. 


Shop Eco-consciously With Barnything


As a sustainable online space, Barnything believes in giving our users ways to go green in their lives, whether it’s through bartering, or selling second-hand furniture online. Now, you can shop for furniture sustainably with Barnyshop, an online store that offers brand-new designer furniture for huge discounts. 
In what way is this sustainable? Well, the furniture we sell is defective items, that is, brand new pieces but with minor flaws that do not affect its aesthetics or functionality. Hence, the large discounts. You see, many furniture companies don’t usually sell these items and send them straight to landfills. By buying these pieces, you give these “rejects” a new home and help to minimize environmental waste.


Furthermore, when you buy RM800 worth of defective furniture from our store, we will come to collect your old furniture FOR FREE—the easiest way to get rid of that old sofa!


When it comes to furnishing your home, remember that every purchase you make has an impact. By following these tips and making eco-friendly choices, you can create a beautiful and sustainable living space!