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Barter Rules

A man's trash is another's treasure, so don't throw away! Just barter with someone who needs it. Look! We are bartering for a better future!

Introducing :


People who list their item


People who request item

Village Rules

Do not list prohibited products / services.

No bartering animals (Putting a pet up for adoption is fine!)

No bartering human organs

No bartering drugs

No bartering pornographic materials and/or items

No bartering ivory

Do not barter your gf, bf, yi mah gu jeh all cannot

No food bartering

No human trafficking

If you don’t know if the item you’re about to list is appropriate or not, always feel free to ask us at We usually respond within 24 hours.

Listings that do not adhere to the listing rules will be removed/banned from our platform.

Art of bartering

Bartering doesn't necessarily need to exchange for equal value. List something that you no longer use and exchange it for something you like, it's a win/win situation!

Let’s be clear!

Our village is filled with all kinds of people, some may not be able to see/read properly. So you have to make sure you are listing the right thing and putting the right keyword. For example:

Photos of your listings

We are not asking you to use expensive camera to make your item comes alive. Just take a nice shot of your item with a clean background will do.

Here is the DO NOT example:
This photo below and you are telling us you are listing that ball pen. Please don’t do that.

You must be kidding me. DO NOT DO THAT.

Here is the BEST example:
Choose an item, place it on a clear background. Viola! Just that simple!

More questions?

Please email : we had turned on the notication for you.