Good Read

14 May 2020
5 mins input

Does “Sistem Barter” sounds familiar? You’ve probably heard it from somewhere. Maybe from Sejarah? Maybe in your dreams

Is bartering system a new thing? Well it depends. Have you ever suggested : Hey I give you my Choki-choki, you help me to finish my english homework ok? Or If y...

14 May 2020
3 mins input

How does Bartering affect the environment?

Currently, 30,000 tones of waste is procured each day in Malaysia. If we compare 30,000 tones of garbage with the heaviest animal in the world: african elephant...

22 May 2020
2 mins input

So why Barnything?

Why Barnything why not Facebook?  "Oh, I have joined these 4-5 mother groups on Facebook.”  "I already liked a barter page with more than two thousand people"...

28 May 2020
2 mins input

Bartering as part of education

Educate the younger population is the key to creating awareness for a sustainable future. On November 26, 2019, our founder Wynne and co-founder Adrina were inv...

14 June 2020
2 mins input

What if things could send us a push notification?

The hand mixer : “Bro seriously? It’s been 365 days since we bake a cake! “ The golf club : “ Hi! You promised we going for 18 holes!” Look around your place,...