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The Benefits of Donating Your Old Furniture

8 April 2024
3 mins

We've all been there - staring at that worn-out couch, scratched coffee table, or mismatched dining chairs, wondering how to get rid of old furniture. You've probably googled "second-hand furniture shop online" to see whether you could sell it off or even thought about disposing of it.


But there's a sustainable option that maybe you haven't considered--donating your old furniture. By giving your furniture a new owner, you not only declutter your home but also contribute to a greener planet by not letting your old sofa rot in a landfill. There are other ways in which donating your old furniture can make a positive impact. Read on to find out what these are. 


1. Reduce Waste


One of the most significant benefits of donating your old furniture is reducing waste. By donating, you prevent these items from adding to our growing waste problem. Around the world, landfills are fast running out of space. Your old furniture might not fit your style anymore, but it could be the perfect addition to someone else's home, extending its life and diverting it from a landfill.


2. Help Others in Need


Donating furniture allows you to help others who are less fortunate. Local charities, shelters, and organizations often accept furniture donations, providing them to families and charities in dire need. Your unwanted furniture might be the missing piece that uplifts someone in need’s home.  


3. Environmental Conservation


By donating your old furniture, you may think you're just getting rid of an old sofa, but you're indirectly contributing to conserving the environment. The furniture manufacturing industry is resource-intensive, requiring materials like wood, metal, and fabric. By extending the life of your furniture through donation, you reduce the demand for new furniture production, conserving precious resources and reducing carbon emissions associated with manufacturing processes.


4. Makes the Moving Process Easier


Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with transporting bulky furniture. By donating your old furniture before moving, you can start fresh in your new space and avoid the hassle and expense of packing and transporting furniture that no longer serves your needs. This way, you only bring what truly adds value to your life.


Donate with Barnything


Barnything believes in giving our users ways to practice sustainability in their lives, whether through bartering, or selling your second-hand furniture online. Here’s another way we can help: we've launched a new service which donates your old furniture for you! We've partnered with many local NGOs, charities, and shelter homes, to make sure your unwanted furniture finds a new lease on life.


This is how it works: contact us to tell us all about the furniture items you want to donate. (This goes without saying, but furniture should still be in good working condition.) We'll also see if what you want to donate meets acceptable criteria. If accepted, we'll collect your furniture from you and channel it to the charity partners in our network who need it. All you have to do is pay a fee of RM200. (Barnything users, listen up, you get a discount and only need to pay RM180!). The fee covers the cost of drivers, petrol and labour.


There is a way, however, for you to get a FREE pickup for your unwanted furniture. Just purchase RM800 or more of furniture with us, and we’ll do it for free! Also, we do same-day delivery before 5 pm.


We hope we've convinced you to take advantage of our new service. Join Barnything in this campaign and use us to donate your old furniture and make a sustainable, positive impact on the world. You'll be helping others in need, and reducing waste.


So, the next time you’re searching for a second-hand furniture shop online to help get rid of that old sofa, remember the immense benefits that come with donating and contact us to help!