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So why Barnything?

22 May 2020
2 mins input

Why Barnything why not Facebook?



 "Oh, I have joined these 4-5 mother groups on Facebook.”

 "I already liked a barter page with more than two thousand people"

 "I have joined the fb Page managed by our school"


The fact is, we are aware there are many mother groups, college student groups, party groups etc out there. 

Think about it. What If we put these scattered groups to one, will this cohesion become stronger and more convenient. Barter isn’t about just bartering, we put everyone together, same interest, same division. Barnything provides an accurate audience for givers and receivers. Buying secondhand goods is cheaper and arguably more ethical since no new resources are used. Therefore we should not be skeptical about secondhand’s and allow our prejudice to decide if we are going to give them another chance of life. Think about it why it is acceptable to buy a second-hand car, but no for buy a second-hand coffee machine?