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How does Bartering affect the environment?

14 May 2020
3 mins input


Currently, 30,000 tones of waste is procured each day in Malaysia. If we compare 30,000 tones of garbage with the heaviest animal in the world: african elephant (Average 6,000), the amount of wastage we produce per day is equivalents to 4535 African elephants! So we choose to recycle. Its sad but true that in the recycle bin there are only less than 5% of waste were being recycled.


What? 5%? Yes, recycling is a money driven business industry, not every used items can be recycled. For instance, a pizza box that was commonly known as paper box, can NOT be recycled because pizza box will be soiled with grease and cheese once the pizza has been placed inside. Certainly, the paper box will be ended up in trash bins and landfills. Paper fibres will not be able to be separated if paper was greased with oil during pulping process. So does delivery packages, those paper boxes could hardly be recycled unless there’s no tapes or glue on it. Succinctly, it is not difficult to imagine that one day we will be living in the storyline of movie WALL-E, our living planet will be flooded with garbage. So if you want to contribute to our Mother Earth, the most effective ways are to Reduce and Reuse. By bartering, we could prolong an item’s lifespan. By bartering it helps the cycle of passing your “trash” to someone who appreciates, or to someone who needed it. 


So, does bartering make sense to you now?