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How and Where to Get Rid of Old Sofas Online

21 December 2023
3 mins

Do you have an old sofa taking up space in your home? Perhaps it's seen better days, and it's time to let it go. Getting rid of old pieces of furniture can be a hassle, especially if you have no means to transport it to a new taker or buyer. But fear not! In this post, we'll guide you through the best ways to dispose of your old sofa online. And no, dumping your old sofa outside on the road hoping for someone else to take it away is not an option!  


1. Sell Your Used Furniture Online


Another way to get rid of your old sofa is by selling it online. Not only can you earn extra cash, but you'll also be reducing waste by giving it a new life. You can use Barnything’s online platform to buy and sell your used furniture. Its easy-to-use interface is intuitive enough that even your noob grandpa is guaranteed to have a smooth experience selling his sofa. 


Buying and selling your used furniture online also helps upcyclers (people who repurpose furniture), or vintage furniture sellers or restorers find you. These people regularly turn to such sites to find treasures to repair and refurbish. By offloading to these buyers in this way, you help to reduce waste and avoid clogging up landfills. 


Creating an attractive listing is key to selling your sofa quickly. Take quality photos that show the item's features and defects, and provide a detailed description of the sofa's condition, dimensions, and material. Make sure the price you set is fair and worth the item's value, and state delivery or transportation terms clearly. 


While selling items online is convenient, don’t forget to take safety precautions to avoid scams.  Never send or receive money before confirming the buyer’s intent and identity. 


2. Give it away! 


If selling your used furniture online isn’t for you, why not just give it away? If your sofa is in good condition, of course, you can turn to a platform like Barnything and use our “giveaway” feature. Upload good pictures of your item, write a detailed description including delivery options, and then see who bites. 


Alternatively, you could choose to donate your used furniture to charities or third-party organisations that channel useable second-hand furniture to people in need or other charities. Barnything partners with credible charities and organisations that can help in this regard. Reach out to us to find out how we can help!  


Do note, however, it’s best to prep your sofa for pick-up. Make sure to clean it thoroughly, remove any personal items, and disassemble it if possible. 


3. Use Barnything’s collection services! 


Yes, we can help you pick up your unwanted items and get rid of them for you! If you live anywhere in the Klang Valley, we will collect all your stuff for a fee of RM180. We’ll take almost anything: used furniture, old clothes, used electronics, sports equipment, etc etc. If you’re not sure whether we’ll take what you want to get rid of, just contact us to ask. 


What do we do with your old items? Used furniture in good condition will be redirected to charities and organisations we partner with to ensure your item gets a new lease of life and benefits people in need at the same time. Reach out to us to find out more! 


Getting rid of an old sofa doesn't have to be a chore. Platforms like Barnything give you the ability to sell used furniture online to buyers who'll give it a new home, as well as give it away, barter, or connect with others in need such as charities who will accept your used item. Your efforts will not only create space in your home but also contribute to reducing waste and benefiting those in need.