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8 Current Ways to Recycle Your Furniture

22 September 2023
3 mins

With sustainability becoming a key driver in today’s environmentally conscious world, finding creative ways to recycle old furniture is more than just a fad. People are looking for alternatives to simply getting rid of old furniture as sustainable living becomes more popular.


If you’re currently asking yourself how to get rid of old furniture, then do think about the environmental impact of your choices and consider the following ways to recycle your furniture.




1. Repurpose It


It may sound easier said than done, but try thinking outside the box here. Since furniture is typically made out of durable materials such as wood, metal, and plastics, and if kept indoors is also long-lasting, it’s ideal for reuse and recycling. For example, turning an old door into a dining table. If the furniture item can be disassembled, you may find another use of its various parts.  


2. Repair It


Furniture suffers from wear and tear over time. Cosmetic damages can easily be fixed by reupholstering for example, instead of simply getting rid of old furniture by dumping it in a landfill. If the refurbishment is beyond your skills, consider taking it to local furniture repair shops where skilled experts can give your old items a fresh start. 


3. Upcycle It


Get those creative juices flowing and transform your old furniture. With some handy DIY skills, upcycling is a perfect to recycle old furniture. Peruse sites like Pinterest for inspiration and YouTube for tutorials to turn your old pieces into something new. 


4. Sell It


Buying and selling second-hand furniture online these days is becoming increasingly commonplace. Various platforms like Barnything make it convenient to buy and sell second-hand furniture online, making sure your furniture finds a new home and you pocket some cash at the same time. 


5. Swap It


Swapping or bartering items is an age-old, low-cost practice. What may seem dated and worn out to you may be a gem to someone else. Try Barnything’s barter feature to connect with other users. Or try organising a neighbourhood swap meet. Furniture swaps not only provide your belongings a new home but also foster community among recyclers.


6. Donate It


A lot of charities are open to receiving donations of used furniture. Do a quick search in your local area for organisations in need and find out what their requirements are. 


7. Give It Away


Ask your friends and family if anyone needs what you want to get rid of. Who knows? Your loved ones may have use for items you’ve outgrown or no longer have use for. 


8. Transform It


Try reaching out to local artists such as sculptors and painters and collaborate to create a one-of-a-kind work of art around your old pieces, adding to touch of unique flair to your home. 



Before You Get Rid of Old Furniture Don’t Forget To…


  • Give it a quick wipe-down or vacuum as a matter of courtesy. 
  • Check drawers, in the corners, or under cushions for any forgotten personal items such as things like loose change.
  • For large items, consider disassembling them if it will ease the process of transport.


The strategies listed here are just a few ways to keep furniture out of landfills and lessen our environmental impact. By embracing these modern recycling practices, we not only contribute to a more sustainable earth, but we also bring some creative flair into our living environments. So, the next time you wonder about getting rid of old furniture, remember these options for recycling and let your creativity go wild.